Zitat des Monats Oktober 2015

This is perhaps as good a place as any to point out that what distinguishes many reformers from those who cannot accept their proposals is not their greater philanthropy, but their greater impatience. The question is not whether we wish to see everybody as well off as possible. Among men of good will such an aim can be taken for granted. The real question concerns the proper means of achieving it. And in trying to answer this we must never lose sight of a few elementary truisms. We cannot distribute more wealth than is created. We cannot in the long run pay labor as a whole more than it produces.
Henry Hazlitt


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"Am Anfang war das Wort und nicht das Geschwätz, und am Ende wird nicht die Propaganda sein, sondern wieder das Wort."

Gottfried Benn


"Die Wahrheit hat nichts zu tun mit der Zahl der Leute, die von ihr überzeugt sind."

Paul Claudel

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Zitat Zur Freiheit

"A king rules over willing subjects, a tyrant over unwilling. The institutions of a free society are designed to ward off those who would govern, not for their country but for themselves, who take account not of the public interest but of their own pleasure."

George Buchanan (1505-1582): Dialogue concerning the rights of of the Crown of Scottland, englische Übersetzung von 1799, London, 143.