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The 9th International Vernon Smith Prize for the Advancement of Austrian Economics is an essay competition sponsored and organized by ECAEF European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation, Vaduz (Principality of Liechtenstein). This years’ topic
Direct Democracy versus Representative Democracy.
Cost and Benefits for the Citizenry!
Although, democracy is fundamentally a method for preserving individual liberty and civil rights, this almost narcotic term has become so powerful today that all essential limitations on governmental power are breaking down before it. By deteriorating into a scheme of legitimizing the regime of coalitions of organized interests, representative democracies gradually transform into oligarchies. While it is assumed that governments always have the people’s best interests in mind, for the most part they seem to act in their own behalf. In direct democratic systems, however citizens have more controlling devices at their disposal and can propose, decide, or profoundly modify their governing laws, and even secede from the republic. Are direct democracies more cost effective and beneficial for the citizenry?
Entries must be received on or before November 11, 2016.


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"Am Anfang war das Wort und nicht das Geschwätz, und am Ende wird nicht die Propaganda sein, sondern wieder das Wort."

Gottfried Benn


"Die Wahrheit hat nichts zu tun mit der Zahl der Leute, die von ihr überzeugt sind."

Paul Claudel

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Zitat Zur Freiheit

"A king rules over willing subjects, a tyrant over unwilling. The institutions of a free society are designed to ward off those who would govern, not for their country but for themselves, who take account not of the public interest but of their own pleasure."

George Buchanan (1505-1582): Dialogue concerning the rights of of the Crown of Scottland, englische Übersetzung von 1799, London, 143.